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Classic Beauty – Classic brow cleaning and shaping using wax, tweezers  


Chic Glam – Brow cleaning and shaping using wax, tweezers. Custom brow    

tint for a more defined look. Collagen under eye mask, anti-age under

eye cream.



Neck - $20

Upper Lip$12

Sideburns- $18

Full Face (excludes eyebrows)$55


Bikini – Clean natural bikini line


Extended Bikini – Waxing closer in, more off sides than standard bikini. Does not

include backside.


Brazilian – aka “Hollywood” includes front and back. Customized to your personal

preference removing as much or little as you desire.


Follow Up Brazilian – Return within 6 weeks for regular maintenance.  Price

extended only to returning Esti Glam clients within 6 weeks of last in-house

brazilian wax


Bum Cheeks- $35

Navel - $15

Underarm - $30